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AEV 2.5" Dual Sport Suspension RT Lift Kit for JT/Gladiator

AEV 2.5" Dual Sport Suspension RT Lift Kit for JT/Gladiator

AEV’s first step in designing the expedition-ready, DualSport RT Suspension System for the Jeep Gladiator was understanding the shortcomings and limitations of the OEM suspension package.

The Gladiator’s factory suspension (especially on Rubicon) is very soft, lightly damped and has a very low suspension frequency. This “soft tuning” helps the Gladiator drive “less like a truck” and soak up the bumps on the highway decently well but that can also make the handling feel a bit loose and sometimes uncontrolled. This is not a big deal for people who are just driving their Gladiator to and from work every day, but it is definitely not the ideal suspension formula for overland enthusiasts who also need to manage lots of cargo and gear when traveling off the grid.

As with all of AEV’s expedition-ready suspension systems, coil spring and shock tuning was essential on the Gladiator system to provide the optimal balance of load carrying capacity and ride quality that customers have come to expect from AEV. The DualSport RT Suspension System includes a set of our frequency-tuned, triple-rate coil springs to provide 2.5-3” of additional front and rear ride height.